Adulting 101 Afterschool Program

Supporting foster care & underserved youth to prepare them for what comes after high school.

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What We Do Here.



We connect with the lost, the broken, the misguided, and the hopeless. That is right, we connect with teens in foster care. We partner with local organizations, school districts, and administrators to find and connect with those students who fall through the cracks.



We build relationship with these teens. We start to help them tear down the walls they have built. We show them they are cared for, that they matter, and that they have purpose in this world. We help these forgotten teens see their own value, their worth, and see what is possible so they can become the person they were called to be.



Our program is intentional, we bring in all of the proven strategies, the support, the expertise to make sure these teens are ready for what comes next. We are changing the statistics. When these teens age out of the system they will know their exact next steps, they will know how to thrive on their own, and they will have support and people in their corner. Adulting 101 helps these students defy their circumstances instead of allow their circumstances define them.

Traci bakenhaster

Our Founder


Traci Bakenhaster is someone who knows first-hand how it feels to be unprepared for life, not to know her purpose, not to know how to be an adult. She knows what it is like to fall and fall hard. Traci found herself pregnant at the age of 20 years old after a long history of poor choices, no plan for her future, and not seeing her worth.

Along her journey she not only discovered herself and her own value, but she found purpose. Her entire personal and professional journey has prepared her to make a difference in the lives of foster care and at-risk teens.

She started Adulting 101, to change the lives of those teens who society has forgotten about. To empower these teens to not become another statistic. Society has let down our youth, and Traci is determined to change that.


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